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Rocca di Castagnoli is an ancient medieval fortress which was the origin of the Castagnoli hamlet. Throughout its history, this place was owned by numerous noble families, including the Tempi (whose coat of arms still represents the company) and the Ricasoli.

The winery, which already existed in the 18th century, has always been the economic center of the village and has always been distinguished by its excellent production quality, as evidenced in 1773 by a visit from Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, who praised its excellent land management, maintenance and innovation. In 1924, Rocca di Castagnoli became part of the farms that form the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium.

Since 1981, our family has established itself by carrying out important vineyard replanting and building restructuring work, including renovation of the wine cellar and medieval fortress, following on from the property’s historical precedents by maintaining the production quality achieved in previous centuries. The village of Castagnoli rises from the heart of the Chianti Classico, on a hill once frequented by the Etruscans. From there it overlooks the surrounding valley from the top of a small hill that evokes ancient times, surrounded by woods, vineyards and olive trees. The farm covers about 850 hectares with elevation profiles ranging from 860 meters (Colle di Monte Luco) to 380 meters. There are 92 hectares of vines, predominantly Sangiovese, the grape at the base of the finest Tuscan wines.

In 1981, extensive renovation work was carried out on the villa and fortress with innovative interventions in the vineyards and cellar. A vinification cellar was created, while the cellars of the medieval fortress were used for aging in wood, creating a barrique cellar consisting of the best French oak wood in order to create wines with great personality, complexity and balance to be enjoyed over time.

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