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Poggio Maestrino is a 20-hectare company in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana owned by the Cali family. The vineyards overlook, as in a splendid natural terrace, the Argentario and the island of Giglio. Our vineyards are in one of the most prestigious areas of the Maremma from an oenological point of view, they enjoy the brightness and sunshine typical of the Tuscan coast, pampered by the influence of the sea and its breeze.

The soils are of volcanic origin, of medium texture and this is reflected in the wines which are mineral-ferrous, sapid and salty. The excellent ventilation of the area puts us away from heat bubbles. Our wines have an intense aroma of fresh fruit and especially cherry, together with vinous notes. On the palate they show a typical salty imprint given by the proximity of the sea.

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