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Their history stems from the story of the Sala Sisters grandmother, who was fascinated by wild orchids, anemones and daisies, swamp Falcons, mallards and buzzards – and by the unique atmosphere that characterizes the Nature Reserve of Lake Preola and Gorghi Tondi, which is situated near Mazara del Vallo, on the plain between the hills and the sea.

Their love is dedicated to defending a unique winemaking and environmental heritage that the Salas safeguard today, as they did a century ago. In the two estates of Ramisella and San Nicola, a few miles from Mazara del Vallo, in the west corner of Sicily, neat rows of vines stretch over 130 hectares, looking out across the horizon and nurtured by the sea breeze; the vines flourish growing strong and abundant. The vineyards surround the four small round lakes, formed in a karst low-lying landscape where the rain has over time eroded the soil, which are not only suggestive and breathtaking but give the grapes a unique quality that only this terroir can offer.

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