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The Decordi Winery was established in 1921 as a family-run tavern, where the traditional wines and foods of the Cremonese lower-padana Region were served. In those days, the area had a strong viticultural inclination and, in the original winery, Quirico Decordi Senior was producing kegs of local red wines, including Fortana, Ancelotta & Lambrusco. These were the ideal companions to the traditional gastronomy, and were greatly appreciated with every serving.  This success inspired the Decordi family to take a greater interest in wine-making, to the point that the founders, in addition to continuing with the wine-blending process, also began an artisan wine-production business, which included the cultivation of local grapes and the sale of both draft and bottled wines.

In 1937, the Decordi Winery was registered at the Cremona Chamber of Commerce. In 1950, the first significant production facility was built, with a capacity of more than 3.000.000 litres. The vast majority of the product was sold in demijohns and large bottles. The company was growing day by day and it soon moved on from inter-municipal business, to sales in neighbouring provinces, including both Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. In 1964, the production facility was enlarged & equipped with its first automated industrial bottling system.

In 2005, the fourth generation entered the company, with the arrival of Alessandro Decordi, son of Quirico Decordi. The company is now ready to take on new challenges and greater production capacities and, with the inauguration of its new facility, has now opened its doors to many of the world’s new emerging economies.

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