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VoyageMIA: Inspiring Conversations with Daisy Penzo of Tuscany Wines Import

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Shoutout Miami: Meet Daisy Penzo | Wine Importer

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WINE MERIDIAN – English News Giovedi 24 Giugno 2021

How the American consumer can grasp the typicality of Italian wines

Women at the center of the game? Daisy Penzo, owner of Tuscany Wines Import, tells us about her all-female experience and the commitment to enhance the wines of our peninsula to the palates of Americans.

di Anna Bortolazzi


Wine Uncorked with Jacqueline Coleman Podcast

A Conversation with Daisy Penzo, owner of Tuscany Wines Import based in South Florida. Learn more about her career as a young female owner of an Italian wine import business.

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Food, News, and Views

Hosted by Linda Gassenheimer featuring Robyn Webb, Jacqueline Coleman, Daisy Penzo, Sara Liss, Matthew Kohlmeyer

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